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Welcome and Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:57 pm

If this is your first time here, welcome! If it's not clear already, this is a basic forum geared specifically toward Electrical Engineering students at the University of Texas at Arlington. As such, while anyone can technically register, I will be controlling the membership to UTA students only, and preferably EE students.

When you register, please register with your UTA email address ending in @mavs.uta.edu.
I don't want to be a nazi about this, but basically to keep the membership focused, if you do not use a UTA email address, and I don't know who you are already when I see you've joined, I'll send you a message and give you 24 hours to reply to me. If you don't, I'll have to delete your account. Obviously if I already know who you are, this is not an issue.

This site is not affiliated with UTA or the UT system in any way, and should not be construed as such. We're just students who get stuck on problems sometimes, and want help from someone we know already.

This is the first time I've ever run a forum, and I hope it's successful for us. I have no interest in running a huge community, as should be evident to those few of you whom I emailed about possibly doing this. I just figured it'd be useful for whenever one of us is once again banging our head against a wall, and someone else might be able to provide a little cushioning. Smile

For now, I'll be the admin. While I'm usually quite willing to help people when I'm able, I'll trust the judgment those of you who I initially invite on who you give the link of this forum to. But in the end, I can always pull out the banhammer if someone becomes a problem. Hopefully that won't be necessary.

Some basic rules should be laid out here. The initial people I expect to join probably don't need them, but if we get any future members that we don't know that well, the following should be reminders of common sense and good judgment.

-I don't care generally what kind of language you use, but I expect everyone to exercise reasonable judgment. Yes, this is the internet, where free speech abounds, but if you get that thought in your head that the person you're saying it to would probably be put off by your choice of words, then choose carefully.

-I will have little tolerance for flame wars, and will do what is necessary to end them. Again, I expect everyone to exercise reasonable judgment.

-No porn! This should be obvious, but there are at least a couple of us who surf 4Chan--well, this isn't 4Chan, and Forumotion.com just might delete the whole site together if that stuff gets on here--their rules, not mine. If a bad seed gets in here and posts it, I'll delete the post first, and beyond that, depending on the severity, warn once, or ban immediately. Just the same, this applies to other categories. So if you're going to post pictures and videos, basically the people filmed must be alive and sufficiently clothed at the time of filming. lol.

-I do not care about being politically correct. I think politically correctness is often one of the banes of society, as it often stifles the truth. That said, I cannot and will not guarantee that nobody will be offended. Even the occasional off-color joke is fine. But should someone decide that their posts will, with any consistency, have at least one racial slur in every sentence, then expect little tolerance from me for your stupidity. The same applies if you're going to come here and regularly denigrate others for things they cannot control--especially other members. I see no need to get delete-happy unless someone forces me into it. Again, I expect everyone to exercise reasonable judgment.

-I'll leave it at that for now, and amend it as need be.

If this grows from a couple of members into a sizable community of students, I'll then start looking at hiring mods/admins/etc.


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