HW5, Problem 5 **Final Spoiler**

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HW5, Problem 5 **Final Spoiler**

Post by Melissa on Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:28 am

I will probably not be logging back in until monday, so it you have questions regarding my equations text me.

V(R)=1/4πε ∫_l▒〖ρ_l/R dl〗 Equation 3.48c Page 81 (International Edition)
V(R)=ρ_l/4πε ∫_((-l)⁄2)^(l/2)▒〖1/√(b^2+z^2 ) dz〗
V(R)=ρ_l/4πε ln⁡|z+√(z^2+b^2 )| ■(l⁄2@(-l)⁄2)
V(R)=ρ_l/4πε [ln⁡|l/2+√((l/2)^2+b^2 )|-ln⁡|-l/2+√((l/2)^2+b^2 )| ]
V(R)=ρ_l/4πε [ln⁡|l+√(l^2+〖4b〗^2 )|-ln⁡|-l+√(l^2+〖4b〗^2 )| ]
V(R)=ρ_l/4πε ln⁡|(l+√(l^2+〖4b〗^2 ))/(-l+√(l^2+4b^2 ))|


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